76th Precinct Community Council Meeting, Tuesday Dec. 3rd

The next 76th Precinct Community Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 3, 2013, 7:30 PM at the 76th Precinct Station House, located at 191 Union Street, between Henry Street and Hicks Street. We encourage all residents to attend these meetings and get to know their local officers. Whether its complaints or compliments, this is the place to have an open discussion of what’s happening in the neighborhood and what else you’d like to see.

  • Anonymous

    there is a 30 yr old homeless guy living outside 311 court street , at night he follows women an talks dirty to them then calls them vile names , he has thretend a few a s well during the day he makes people at damicos feel sorry for him so he gets free food at night he is a danger to carroll gardens , you can find him sleeping outside 311 court st most nights or wandering around carroll park , they say he tells people he is not taking his meds ,, he has some menory though , and is not fooling many of us ,,, you guys harrass alot of people why not get one who deserves it off the street , someone is gonna get fed up then you ll arrest them for beating the guy up ,,, a leeter is going out to the bk boro president , 1 police plaza , as well as a couple others so look good and take care of it before they call the 76 and want to know why you guys havent noticed him or the calls that came in …