Cobble Hill Association Committees

Each committee has a chair and a board liaison. The following have been initiated.


Urban Planning

This committee is working on a plan to address the needs and wishes of our community with respect to the Fortis development on the former LICH site.

Co-Chairs: Ben and Susan Baxt
Liaison: Michael Epstein


The members of the Communications committee oversee content for email blasts, social media posts, press releases, and the CHA website ( They also coordinate CHA’s interactions with the press.

Chair: Rebecca Johnson
Liaison: Susan Mulcahy

June 24, 2016 (Photo by Robert Nickelsberg)

Community Life Events

Community Life runs the CHA’s social outreach, along with community activities and events, including the summer concerts in the park and the Halloween Parade. Community Life’s members are always looking for local sponsors for the concerts and other CHA events, so please contact us with suggestions.

Chair: Katharine Earnhardt and Amanda Nichols, Co- Chairs
Liaison: George Sanchez


The advisory committee works with the president to provide guidance on legal, financial, and political matters. Neighbors who have deep experience in these fields are part of this committee and provide assistance on specific issues.

Chair: Amy Breedlove
Liaison: Bennette Kramer

Cobble Hill Park


This committee is dedicated to raising the funds needed by the CHA to work on behalf of the community in a variety of ways, from staging events like the Halloween parade and the concerts in the park, to hiring zoning and other experts to help bring about the best outcome with new development in the neighborhood.

Chair: Gretchen Crary
and OPEN SEARCH for co-chair



Charged with increasing our number of dues-paying members, the Membership Committee facilitates community outreach and oversees the Membership Mobilizer and Block Captain networks. Want to meet more of your neighbors? Join this committee and sign them up for the CHA!

Chair: Leslie Cohen, Membership Secretary

Cobble Hill Park

This committee monitors the city’s maintenance of Cobble Hill Park, while also assembling dedicated volunteers for weekly upkeep. If you are a gardener or a fan of green spaces, this committee wants you!

Chair: Barbara Krongel
Liaison: Chip McEnhill

img_0244Safety and 76 Precinct

The Safety committee acts as a conduit between residents of Cobble Hill and the NYPD on issues of safety in the neighborhood. They also handle complaints and problems.

Chair: Jerry Armer
Liaison: Michael Epstein


The History committee researches and reports on the history of Cobble Hill, and writes it up for the CHA web site. If you are a history buff, or even if you have a great idea for a history post, please contact this committee.

Chair: Susan Kumin Harris
Liaison: Susan Mulcahy

img_1267Landmarks Preservation

This committee’s aim is to protect, preserve, and promote the integrity of the architectural heritage of Cobble Hill. Committee members are familiar with architectural preservation rules and regulations, enabling them to work with government agencies to ensure enforcement.

Chair: Laurie and Stan Maurer (co-chairs)
Liaison: Michael Epstein


The Trees Committee coordinates the planting and maintenance of the many trees that line the streets of Cobble Hill, along with the greenery in Cobble Hill Park, the latter in conjunction with the park committee.

Chair: Georgia Willett and Tom Synnott (co-chairs)
Liaison: Chip McEnhill


This committee is tasked with monitoring the activities of all public and non-public schools in the neighborhood, and initiating programs to improve the quality of education in these schools.

Chair: Margaret Kelley
Liaison: George Sanchez