Cobble Hill Association Mission

Since 1958, the Cobble Hill Association has been a non-profit, volunteer-run organization dedicated to preserving, protecting, and enhancing the quality of life in this unique urban neighborhood.

The CHA sponsors social and cultural events, including the concerts in the park and the Halloween parade, and serves as a vigorous advocate for Cobble Hill with elected officials, city agencies, real estate developers, public and private institutions, and others. Without representation by a concerned and organized citizenry, a community is powerless to shape its future. Among other advocacy efforts, the CHA has overseen the designation of Cobble Hill as a NYC Historic district; developed the Cobble Hill park; and opposed legislation that would have damaged the area, including a proposed highway on Atlantic Avenue.

As we face the ongoing challenges of maintaining a historic neighborhood in a modern world, the CHA seeks to use all available means to educate and include residents in the decisions we face about shaping the future of Cobble Hill. Our effectiveness comes from the commitment, involvement, and support of our members.

Our current executive officers are listed on the Board page.

Visit the history wiki for some local the History page for a history of Cobble Hill’s history.