Are they digging deep enough to find the bones of Revolutionary War soldiers near the Gowanus?

Battle Still Rages Over Possible Revolutionary War Burial at New Pre-K Site GOWANUS – Before the city builds a new pre-K center on a vacant lot on Ninth Street near Third Avenue, archeologists are sifting through the dirt to check for bones of Revolutionary War soldiers. But watchdogs believe the dig is not going deep ...Read More >>

CHA & Daniel Squadron Collaborate to Keep Charter Buses Off Our Streets

Cobble Hill’s tour bus problem solved with GPS geo-fence Now that Brooklyn has become the hippest neighborhood in the world, loaded sightseeing tour buses have increasingly invaded the borough’s narrow avenues and back streets, bringing noise and congestion where they don’t belong and sometimes getting stuck on turns, blocking traffic.    

Pump the gas! Officials demand legislation to accelerate BQE repairs

Pump the gas! Officials demand legislation to accelerate BQE repairs Share on Facebook Call it a fury road. State lawmakers must pass legislation to speed up the reconstruction of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway by three years and save the city $300 million before the legislature lets out for summer in eight days, officials demanded at a ...Read More >>

Fortis Promotes Imaginary Park Plans

Brooklyn Developer Touts City Park Upgrades That Don’t Exist, Officials Say COBBLE HILL, BROOKLYN – Fortis Property Group’ controversial development of the Long Island Collegehas been a frequent target of the Cobble Hill community – most recently after debris flew off the roof during construction and “phony” no-parking signs were posted around the property. Now ...Read More >>