Assembly Member Jo Anne Simon is Coming to a Stoop Near You

Assembly Member Jo Anne Simon has a few more months at home before it’s back to Albany, and she wants to use them to meet her neighbors. The state representative wants to discuss our concerns in a less formal setting, so Simon is migrating from stoop to stoop in district 52 asking constituents to share their thoughts and questions. She will be in Park Slope tonight, and come to Cobble Hill on Tuesday, (details below). More info on the Daily Eagle.
Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill
Tuesday, October 6, 6:00pm-7:30 p.m.
On the stoop of 380 Clinton St. 
(between Sackett and DeGraw streets).
  • Anonymous

    380 Clinton St is NOT Cobble Hill, it is Carroll Gardens. Its really bad when the the Cobble Hill association blog does not know where Cobble Hill ends and Carroll Gardens begins. You can't just post press releases from our electeds. They bend the truth. If Joanne wants to come to a Cobble Hill stoop, please do so. Cobble Hill starts at Atlantic Ave and ends at Degraw St.

  • True, this Stoop session is half a block out of Cobble Hill as 'anonymous' points out. However, I have no doubt she'll still hear concerns from Cobble Hill residents of they walk the few houses over. However, I bet it will have to be another day since last tonight's weather already caused her to cancel the similar event in Park Slope and tonight's forecast isn't much better.

  • Anonymous

    With everything that is happening in Cobble Hill (development of the LICH site, etc), I expect the "Cobble Hill blog" to know where Cobble Hill is. I expect our electeds to to stretch the truth and neighborhood borders as it suite them. I don't expect a former president of the Cobble Hill association to make excuses for our electeds.

  • No excuse was made. If you want her or any other elected to have a meeting in Cobble Hill proper, just ask them.