CHA Timeline: History of Achievements

This timeline was created for the CHA membership application form “Help Protect and Preserve Cobble Hill.”  It has been lightly edited.  –Jeanne Grifo and Susan K. Harris, for the CHA History Committee

The Cobble Hill Association

Highlights of a Proud and Active Past


  • Successfully opposed commercial development on the site that became Cobble Hill Park, the city’s first “vest-pocket park.”
  • Initiated the first of many Cobble Hill House Tours.
  • Obtained designation of Cobble Hill as NYC Historic District
  • Successfully opposed plan to establish drug rehab center at site of present Cobble Hill Health Center.


  • Created the Cobble Hill Tree Fund and the “Greening of Cobble Hill” tree planting program.
  • Succeeded in limiting Cobble Hill Historic District building heights to 50 feet.
  • Successfully opposed legislation for a highway on Atlantic Avenue.
  • Achieved NYC Historic District designation on some LICH properties.


  • Fought housing development plans for the waterfront and organized the Brooklyn Bridge Park coalition of communities advocating a park.
  • Achieved a landmark agreement to provide LICH with a parking garage while securing four new parks to replace the one park replaced by the garage.
  • Secured award-winning renovation of Cobble Hill Park.


  • Successfully advocated for renovation of Lower Van Voorhees Park.
  • Opposed proposed homeless shelter at 250 Baltic Street; succeeded in retaining existing social services there.
  • Worked with utilities on Clinton St. water main replacement
  • Successfully lobbied for Clinton St. historic lampposts
  • Collaborated with other neighborhood associations on the creation of Brooklyn Bridge Park.


  • Introduced the popular music concerts in Cobble Hill Park.
  • Organized Halloween parade attracting thousands of ghouls, ghosts, and goblins each year.
  • Created the Cobble Hill Community room at 250 Baltic Street, used for community group meetings.
  • Advocated for new safer access into Brooklyn Bridge Park from Cobble Hill. Opposed two condo towers at Pier 6.
  • Defended the 50 foot height limit against developer encroachments.


  • Supported the renovation of the Cobble Hill Health Center, making it one of the best healthcare and rehab facilities in the city.
  • Fought for comprehensive pedestrian safety improvements.
  • Led fight to save Long Island College Hospital.
  • Secured a $300,000 grant from Congresswoman Velazquez to help “fix the ditch” in order to reunite the waterfront and our community.